Comparison of Non-toxic Cookware

Non toxic cookware


Over the last couple of years, I’ve become aware of the negative affects of using toxic cookware. Unfortunately, a lot of the cookware given to me for my wedding four years ago was toxic, so I’ve slowly been replacing one thing at a time as it wears out. I’ve been researching the different types of non-toxic cookware, so  I though I would share about it all in a post to hopefully to help people who, like me, are hoping to replace their toxic cookware.

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My Experience Transferring From the Pill to Natural Contraception

Transferring from the pill to natural contraception

This is a topic which is quite personal, but I feel I just have to share because there is so little information about it and it is rarely talked about.

Interestingly, the oral contraceptive pill (I will just refer to it for the remainder of this article as ‘the pill’ for ease of reading) is the number one prescribed drug worldwide. People are starting to talk and write about why you should stop the pill if you are using it to ‘treat’ problems such as heavy periods, acne, PMS. These symptoms should be addressed rather than just covered up with a bandaid. I get that and fully agree. But, I would always think to myself with frustration, ‘I can’t just stop the pill! My husband and I aren’t ready to have a baby right now!’

As I became more aware of the negative affects of the oral contraceptive pill and was desperately looking for an alternative, I was incredibly frustrated and confused about what to do. I was quite scared and anxious about coming off the pill because a) it was an unknown experience (What would happen to me? Would my body react weirdly? Would I get acne, gain weight or be moody?) and b) I didn’t know if natural contraception would actually work. This is not something you want to get wrong. It’s a HUGE deal getting pregnant when you’re not planning on it.

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Make Your Own DOMS Bath Salts

Make your own DOMS bath salts

DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness is the pain you get for 24 -72 hours after doing an unaccustomed or particularly intense exercise session. I have found one of the best ways to reduce this painful and stiff feeling is to soak in a bath filled with these bath salts. The salts might also make a cute gift to give to those fit friends in your life if you put them in a nice jar with a tag.

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Guest Post: How to Develop a Positive Mindset

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 7.12.11 PM

For today’s post we are privileged to have Chelsey from Chelsey Rose Health share with us about the importance and power of having a positive mindset.

I’m Chelsey 🙂 I’m an avid reader, writer, blogger, dreamer and adventurer. I’m 24 years young in California. Lover of double shot cappuccinos & the beach. I’m way too interested in space, probably too optimistic and probably just like you. Riding the waves of life in my twenties, dealing with jobs, relationships, and emotions while trying to juggle a healthy and fit lifestyle without losing my social life!

Chelsey Rose

Reset. Restart. Refresh. Be on top again. Feel Organized. Feel accomplished. Feel proud. Be happy. Feel confident. Love yourself. Be positive.

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My Favourite 6 Fitness & Health Apps

my favourite fitness and health apps

I personally love using technology to help me with my fitness goals. These apps provide me with motivation, organisation, education and save me time. Here is a list of my must-have free health and fitness apps:

1) My Fitness Pal

What it does: This app tells you the calorie, macronutrient and micronutrient information of just about every food you can think of. This calorie counting app is useful for eating a specific amount of calories so you can reach your goal, whether for muscle gain or fat loss.

What I use it for: I use it when applying the flexible dieting approach for fat loss. I find it very easy to use once I’ve persisted with it for 2 weeks. My clients have also given similar feedback. I also use it to work out the calorie content and macronutrient amounts for the recipes I create.

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