A Powerful Message for Anyone Seeking to Become Healthier and Lose Weight

Recently I had a friend, let me call her Ruby, who shared with me something I found very inspiring which I just had to share with you all. Ruby has recently turned her life around. Over the past year she has lost 50 kilos! When Ruby had a health scare and decided enough is enough, it’s time to change once and for all, she didn’t take the gradual, gentle approach to changing her lifestyle. No. she took the way-out-of-her-comfort-zone, make some dramatic and hard changes approach. A lot of trainers (myself included) don’t often recommend this approach to weight loss, because it can be too drastic for the person and not sustainable. They give up after a short time because they tried to change too much at once, can’t do it, feel like failures and give up. Not Ruby. She has a fire in her belly level of motivation and and it sure as anything is working for her!

So here is her message she would like to share with anyone who is wanting to finally lose weight, get fit and become healthy.

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Second Trimester Exercise Program #2

Second Trimester Exercise Program-2


I have been enjoying being able to exercise regularly throughout my second trimester. It has really made a difference in stabilising my mood, keeping my energy levels up, keeping me healthy and preventing excessive weight gain. Currently, my workout routine is this:

  • Monday – Yoga
  • Tuesday – Full Body Circuit
  • Wednesday – 30 minute walk
  • Thursday – Weights and HIIT
  • Friday – Weights and HIIT
  • Saturday – 30  minute walk
  • Sunday – 30 minute walk

If you would like to download and print a copy of my workouts you can do so by clicking here:  Second Trimester Exercise Program 2. I am doing this program for weeks 20 – 23 of my pregnancy. If you would like to see what I did for the weeks before this, check out this post.
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Second Trimester Exercise Program #1


Second Trimester Pregnancy Exercise Program

I thought I would share with you all the exercise program I am about to start. I will be fifteen weeks pregnant on Monday when I begin, and I will complete it for four to five weeks. My fitness had dropped quite a lot over the course of the first trimester. Finding time to train when I wasn’t at work, exhausted or feeling nauseous or headachey was hard! Anyway, I am now loving being able to exercise more often each week. I really find healthy eating and regular exercise makes a massive difference to the ‘typical’ pregnancy symptoms. If I have a few days without any exercise, I really notice my mood, bloating and constipation get much worse!

Disclaimer: This program is designed by a qualified exercise scientist and personal trainer (me!) however, it is designed for me, taking into consideration my exercise history, health status, fitness level, preferences, age etc. It may not be suitable for you, so please check with an exercise professional before commencing.
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Is social media causing you to lose your uniqueness?

Be who you were created to be quote

We all know we have to be careful of social media causing us to compare ourselves with others. It can cause discontent with our life and that feeling of not being ‘good enough’ when we compare our life to everyone else’s highlight reel. Recently, however, I’ve been thinking that social media may be influencing us in the fitness industry in a different way. I think social media trends and popular views have a habit of becoming your own. We can adopt the goals and beliefs of others over time due to the repetition of their exposure to us. Here are some examples of trends in the fitness industry that you may have seen everyone going on about:

Example 1: Cardio is boring

Often you see fitness model’s selling their ebooks and claiming you can get your bikini body without any ‘boring cardio sessions’. Or you hear personal trainers explaining how they prepared their client for their fitness show without any ‘long boring training sessions’. The truth is, if you genuinely enjoy cardio, there is no reason to exclude it in favour of only weight training! I love to do thirty minutes of low intensity movement every day such as walking or yoga. I go through phases with moderate and high intensity cardio,  but I’m usually doing (and enjoying!) at least one spin class, adventure sport, HIIT or steady outdoor jogs in my weekly workout program.


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How to Make a Good Day Snowboarding a GREAT Day Snowboarding

Snowboarding Davos

In the magnificent mountains of Davos, Switzerland.

I’m lucky enough to have been snowboarding quite a few times, despite living in Perth, where the nearest snow fields are over 3000km away. My husband’s favourite thing in the world to do is snowboard. So, in the same way that he has spent a lot more time on holidays shopping and trying out healthy cafes then he would have ever imagined, I have spent a lot more time strapped into snowboard boots than I had ever envisioned for myself!

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14 Advanced Resistance Training Techniques

Advanced resistance training techniques

Advanced resistance training techniques, also known as specialised techniques or overload techniques are used by athletes with the intention to enhance muscle gains. They are suitable once you have been training with straight sets for a while and are looking to up the intensity and challenge your muscles. They are one way you can apply the progressive overload principle to your training. The following techniques prolong the time under tension a muscle has to work and increase the muscle recruitment and exhaustion.

1. Super sets

Also known as: N/A

This is when you perform a set of one exercise and then immediately perform a set of a different exercise with no rest in between. You then have your rest before repeating the super set again. You can either perform super sets for the same muscle group, for opposing muscle groups (also known as antagonist-agonist muscle groups) e.g biceps and triceps or for completely different body parts e.g legs and shoulders. This way of training is very time efficient.

Example: On a glute training day you might super set 10 romanian deadlifts with 15 hip thrusts to really engage and fatigue the glutes.

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