Clean Moussaka (thermomix recipe)

Clean Moussaka

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe on the blog – sorry! The reason is I’ve been working very hard on my fitness and wellness guide ‘Lean & Well’. All my new recipe creations have been going it to the recipe section of the guide. However I thought it was about time I shared a new recipe with you all, plus this moussaka has had a lot of requests when I’ve posted me making it on social media.

I’ll warn you that this takes a while to make, about 90 minutes cooking time and 30 minutes baking time. I would usually never make anything that takes that long, I’m all about quick and simple in the kitchen. However,  I make an exception for this moussaka. It is so delicious, and produces a whopping 8 serves so it is something I make every few weeks. Probably the part I’m most proud of from this recipe is the cauliflower white sauce. Compared to the traditional sauce in a moussaka, my sauce is bursting with nutrients and still tastes flavoursome and creamy. Don’t fret if you don’t have a thermomix, you can still make this, it just won’t be as easy.

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A Powerful Message for Anyone Seeking to Become Healthier and Lose Weight

Recently I had a friend, let me call her Ruby, who shared with me something I found very inspiring which I just had to share with you all. Ruby has recently turned her life around. Over the past year she has lost 50 kilos! When Ruby had a health scare and decided enough is enough, it’s time to change once and for all, she didn’t take the gradual, gentle approach to changing her lifestyle. No. she took the way-out-of-her-comfort-zone, make some dramatic and hard changes approach. A lot of trainers (myself included) don’t often recommend this approach to weight loss, because it can be too drastic for the person and not sustainable. They give up after a short time because they tried to change too much at once, can’t do it, feel like failures and give up. Not Ruby. She has a fire in her belly level of motivation and and it sure as anything is working for her!

So here is her message she would like to share with anyone who is wanting to finally lose weight, get fit and become healthy.

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Ideas for Rice Cake Toppings

Ideas for rice cake toppings

For me if lunch is not leftovers from dinner and it’s not a simple salad, then its usually rice cakes. I like that compared to a sandwich you can get into your body more ‘good bits’ like veggies, protein and good fats and less starchy carbs (three rice cakes contains the amount of carbohydrates equivalent to one slice of bread). Here are some of my favourite combos:

  1. Cream cheese,  tomato and avocado
  2. Cream cheese, tomato and basil leaves
  3. Avocado, turkey and tomato
  4. Roast beef, crisp lettuce and cheese
  5. Ham, cheese and tomato
  6. Smashed avocado, cheese and cucumber slices
  7. Hummus, avocado, tomato, salt and chilli powder
  8. Cottage cheese, crisp lettuce, smoked salmon, chopped dill
  9. Cottage cheese, sliced gherkins, ham and sliced tomato
  10. Tomato relish, cheese, roast beef and cucumber slices
  11. Smashed avocado mixed with diced tomato, onion and tuna in spring water (drained)

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The Problem with the Meal Plans in Most Bikini Body Guides

The Problem with the Meal plans in most bikini body guides

As it is the beginning of the year I have observed a lot of people following an online fitness and nutrition plan, usually a downloadable ebook or an app. I think this is great! For the cost of one personal training session you can buy an entire 12 weeks worth of workouts. I have personally over the years enjoyed trying programs by Kayla Itsines, Ashy Bines, Jamie Eason and Emily Skye. Even though I’m a trainer I always love trying a different trainer’s style of exercise programming and training philosophy. I also love trying some new healthy recipes. However I think there is a problem with the meal plans.

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How to Decrease Your Appetite


If you’re eating healthy, exercising regularly and living a healthy lifestyle but still can’t lose weight, chances are that your portions are too large. If tracking everything you eat in an app isn’t something you’ve got time for, here are some tips to help you be less hungry and eat less:

  • Drink a minimum of 3L water a day. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger.
  • Exercise at a moderate to high intensity three times a week. This intensity of exercise regulates your appetite control hormones (gherlin and leptin). It only needs to be for 20-30 minutes to get these benefits. If I’m not exercising for a while, I definitely notice because I can eat and eat and never feel full!
  • Aim to have half a teaspoon of cinnamon or more a day. It regulates your blood sugar levels so you won’t feel hungry a short time after eating.
  • Aim to eat protein and fats at every meal (including morning tea and afternoon tea – they are meals, too!) These macronutrients are very satisfying and will regulate your blood sugar levels. Ever felt just as hungry when you’ve eaten one of those diet, no-fat, artificial, everything-packed yoghurts? Opt for a nice full-fat Greek yoghurt or coconut yogurt instead. It will actually satiate you.
  •  Get eight hours sleep. Inadequate sleep significantly affects the hormones which control your appetite.
  • Caffeine can decrease your appetite. In the afternoon I often feel like eating the entire contents of the fridge, so I have  a coffee first. Then I am quite satisfied with a ‘normal’ sized healthy snack.
  • Limit the amount of sugar you eat. It is an appetite stimulant! If you are craving something sweet after a meal, eat fruit! The sugars in fruit are combined with ‘good stuff’ like fibre which fills you up rather than makes you hungrier.
  • Measure out foods that are high calorie even if they are healthy. Just because a food is healthy doesn’t mean you can eat endless amounts and lose weight. Whenever I eat my homemade granola, I always measure out a half cup rather than just pouring it into my bowl. If I’m going to have some nuts with a protein shake and an apple for afternoon tea, I will measure out 10-12 rather than just eating straight from the container.

I hope these tips help you to feel less hungry and over-eat less so you can reach your goals. You can’t expect change to happen unless you make changes, so give a few of my suggestions above a go!

Holly xx